Z LAZY B Mountain Retreat

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In the fall of 2000, Jeanne and Mickey Fuhs began construction on five cabins and the dining hall, and completed them in the spring of 2001.  Jeanne's family was one of the original homesteaders of the area.  She knows the history of the area and the family's that have come and gone.  Jeanne and her husband Mickey have always resided there on family land.  They decided they would open up their world to those that are not as fortunate as them. Their other passion is raising horses and if your lucky you may see some of them running in the pastures by the retreat.

They welcome you to come out for a drive and a cup of coffee.  As Mickey would say "Where we treat you like family, and not just a friend."

When driving to Z Lazy B you will get there from Interstate 40.  Take exit 33 south towards Fort Wingate which is State Route 400. You will pass Ft. Wingate and continue to County Road 50.  Depending on the yearly moisture there may or may not be McGaffey Lake.  Proceed on CR 50 until you get to a 4 way stop which is Page NM.  Turn right and travel for about a mile.  Z Lazy B entrance will be on the left before road takes a right hand turn.  

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